Excitement is Building for #SHRM22

Excitement is building for SHRM National Conference!! 

June 12-15, SHRM will be holding its 2022 Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM22) in New Orleans:  “Cause the Effect.” SHRM22 is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals in every stage from emerging professionals who are new to HR up to seasoned veteran HR professionals in leadership positions to Cause the Effect: Lead from where we are and get the essential tools and resources to be ready for what’s next.  

These are some tips and things I’m excited about as I get ready to maximize my #SHRM22 conference experience:


There are so many choices and tracks. Review the conference schedule in advance.  I use the conference app and make a full schedule for each day. In-person attendees, make sure you have a 2nd choice in case your session is full, or it’s too far to walk in the time allotted between sessions.  

For virtual attendees:  protect your time.  Block off your calendar and dedicate this time to enhance your professional development. Network, connect and engage with other attendees in the session chat and develop relationships with other HR professionals.


One of the best parts of a professional conference is the people. SHRM national conference is like a Pep Rally for the HR Profession.  If you’re attending virtually or in-person, make a plan to get connected - to intentionally connect and develop relationships and to stay connected.  Don’t just follow the SHRM22 Influencer team and the hashtags and stop there.    ENGAGE. INTERACT.  Develop an intentional connection.  Comment on the posts and participate in the dialog.  Discuss what was meaningful to you or share your insights.  It’s up to you to take action: you’ll get out of it what you put in.  

I look forward to connecting with you, engaging, interacting and getting to know you - find me on twitter @conmkw or Linked in at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marykwilliams1743/.

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