Empowering Women to be Leaders in Their Industry



I truly believe that women today are capable enough to not only take on leadership roles but excel at them. However, I also believe that they can get to the top on their own steam. They don’t need special concessions or champions to scale great heights. We need to applaud women’s accomplishments, not because of their gender but because of the value, they bring to the table. Celebrating ‘women power’ on just the one day in the year is doing a large percentage of the working population a great disservice. Women overcome hurdles and challenges at work every day. We have inherent abilities and strength to cope with work pressures, which we can capitalize on to overcome gender biases and deliver results.

The biggest barrier to women achieving the extraordinary is self-doubt – we need to believe in our abilities, not dwell on our frailties, or seek validation from others. And slowly through trial and error, working with our imperfections we will find that balance and realize we can have it all. I see all these capabilities and abilities in the women at my workplace. They are bright, fun, challenging, and always a step ahead. They seek equal opportunities and we, as a team, have created a level playing field for both men and women at our workplace. Together, we are moving forward and succeeding in both our professional and personal space.


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