Enjoy July 4 and Protect Your "WFH Assistants," Too


If you want to avoid a painful and unproductive July 6, read this:

For many of us, pets are part of the family. In the era of COVID-19, the centrality of pets to many of lives has become even greater.

Our pets have helped many of us through a hard day. This weekend we need to protect them.

Of course, I am talking about fireworks. Simply put, they terrorize many animals.

Every year, pets (particularly, but not only, dogs) left outside run away. If this happens, you may not see your friend. Worse yet, he or she may be killed by a car or otherwise.

Some people bring their dogs on a leash to fireworks. They think that’s safe; it’s not.

When you are not paying attention to your friend, he or she may pull away and then run away. Or, he or she may shake in silent terror. 

Cats may be afraid, too. One of my guys starts to hide shortly before the fireworks start. He knows. Then, again Scotty, Finny and Larry know everything.

Please keep your pets inside during fireworks. Go one step further: consider putting them in a room with shades closed, soft music, favorite food, etc.

Think of your Zoom call next week. Can you imagine it without canine or feline companionship (and, of course, supervision)?

I have volunteered for many years at a local animal shelter. We are preparing for the worst but I remain hopeful that this year may be different.

Enjoy July 4 but take care of your pets, too. After all, they take care of you!

And if you’re an employer, consider adding more pet-related benefits at your workplace. In the resource guide Becoming a Pet-Friendly Workplace, SHRM says, "As organizations look to provide perks that will attract and retain key talent, many are coming to realize that offering pet-friendly benefits—whether that means take-your-dog-to-work days, pet insurance or animal-related volunteer excursions—can be an effective tool for improving recruitment, morale and even wellness." Learn more about benefits such as Pawternity Leave and Take Your Dog to Work Day

I look forward to spending July 4 with Scotty, Finny and Larry, my feline companions who do not like fireworks at all.

I prefer "human companions" to owners.

Together, I believe we will save a life.

We will save a universe if we do!  



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