Empowering Women During International Womens' Day 2018


In life’s evolutionary journey, we all look up to some people who inspire us. The inspiration helps us learn, grow and model their behaviours and strive to constantly succeed. Needless to say, these people are our Role-Models. My mother, like for most of us, was my first role-model. She gave me the courage and confidence and made me who I am today. Sheryl Sandberg, Mira Nair and Indra Nooyi are the other three powerful women that have inspired me tremendously in my life. Sheryl beautifully exemplifies the ‘power of vulnerability’. Despite being a top corporate honcho, she models just how powerful it is to be your genuine vulnerable self and build relationships based on truth and honesty. Meera Nair on the other hand is the epitome of ‘passion for your dreams’. She is one of the very few women film-makers, who have had the courage to challenge stereotypes and bring about a social change through her art. Indra Nooyi is the one who makes us believe that there is nothing in this world a woman can’t do. Although she says women can’t have it all, yet she has managed to make the best of it all and continues to inspire.

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