Employers Support a Healthy, Inclusive Workplace Culture with Workflex -- When Work Works Winners Demonstrate How It’s Done



Savvy HR professionals understand that creating a safe, positive organizational culture is vital for the long-term success of the 21st Century workforce.

A comfortable workplace that supports health, wellness, and individuality where employees can successfully meet work responsibilities is a win-win for all. Organizations, large and small, spanning a variety of industries and job types, report significant benefits from creating a more cohesive work environment, according to a SHRM Effective Practice Guidelines Series about creating more human workplaces.

Mounting evidence shows that employees thrive in caring workplaces with positive workplace cultures, resulting in improved job performance, vitality, more effective leadership, increased work-life fit, better safety and health, and greater worker satisfaction and commitment. These benefits are confirmed by data from the  National Study of the Changing Workforce (NSCW) that reveals that a workplace culture of trust, respect and belonging is an essential component of an effective workplace.

In today’s workplaces, it takes more than just installing a ping pong table in the breakroom to demonstrate a commitment to flexibility and a positive workplace culture. Former winners of the When Work Works Award have effectively used thoughtful, comprehensive workflex practices to create a supportive workplace where employees can flourish and engage resulting in better retention of quality talent. How does your organization’s workflex measure up?

  • UHA Health Insurance, Honolulu, HI - Provides employees with 2.5 hours of paid leave weekly to exercise or participate in other activities, encourages work life integration, and the executive team models wellness by participation in wellness classes and semi-annual challenges
  • Lockton, Kansas City, MO – Offers wellness programs and provides a variety of resources to promote physical and mental fitness
  • Area Agency on Aging Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Inc., FL - Designed office spaces encouraging physical movement or meditation during the workday
  • PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc., Portland, OR - Introduced a "Wellness Leave" program providing six weeks of paid time off to welcome a child, address health conditions, or care for seriously ill family members
  • RMS Roller-Grinder, Harrisburg, SD - Supports bringing children or pets to the office, company-sponsored BBQ events, playing football and basketball at break time, and paid volunteer leave
  • Wellbe, Inc., Madison, WI – Offers an outdoor patio, well-stocked kitchen, fitness room, casual dress code, monthly team breakfasts, and comfortable work spaces.

**Stay tuned! Winners of the 2018 When Work Works Award will be announced in October at SHRM’s Diversity Conference in Atlanta!



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