Employee Retention Tied to Career Development (#SHRMTalent)

I’m at the SHRM Talent Management Conference in Nashville this week. This morning I attended a session on improving employee retention by Linda Ginac at TalentGuard. Some of this is riffing on
Turnover is real
With average employee turnover by generation standing at 2 years (Millenials), 5 years (Gen X), and 7 years (Boomers), turnover is a real issue for organizations everywhere. According to a recent study, the average turnover in the US is 15% with just over 10% of that being voluntary/preventable.
So, what are you going to do about it?
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Each employee is more than their job title
How many in the room have had jobs other than HR? 
Approximately 80% of the hands went up.
How many companies leverage that diverse experience? 
Approximately 2% of the hands went up, and HR isn’t alone.
Organizations have people in roles with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skill levels. I admit it’s very easy to see software engineer A as a copy of software engineer B. But what if software engineer B speaks Chinese, develops code in his off hours, and enjoys helping the business development manager when possible? If the organization continues to treat them the same, there will probably come a time where software engineer B is ready to move on, whether to another job internally or to a position with another organization.
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