Email Etiquette: Things to Know Before You Hit “SEND”

On a daily basis, people send “hasty” emails which may not reflect the best representation of their intended message. But before you hit send prematurely, remember these few things in order to communicate your message clearly and professionally:
  • Always proofread your email prior to sending, no matter if you are in a hurry.
  • Traditional letter writing skills still apply to emails.
  • Do not use acronyms that some people may not understand, such as OMG, TMI, etc.
  • Keep sentences straight and to the point; not too wordy or lengthy. You are not writing a novel, just an email.
  • Respond within a day of the sender’s message, if not sooner.
  • Never use foul language or slang.
  • Differentiate your subject line when sharing numerous emails with one individual. This can make a particular email easier to locate in the search browser, as well as helping the person to know you have sent a separate email regarding any particular topic.
  • Set your signature line to be consistent across all emails.
  • Don’t use auto-responders, as they can alert spammers that your email is real and they can annoy people who are legitimately trying to reach you.
In short, emails are one of the leading methods of communication, however, many times they can turn off the intended party when they come too frequently, or too brief, or riddled with errors.
What’s your email pet peeve?
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