Podcast: Mentors, Perspective and #SHRM18


I believe in mentorship.

At some point or another, we all need a helping hand and alternatively, at some point or another, we need to be that helping hand for someone else.

If we are open to it, we can all benefit from mentorship whether through formal programs or through relationships that nudge you out of your comfort zone towards bigger, better, greater things.

Mentors are everywhere, and we all stand to grow from recognizing that no matter the position a person is in, the nature of your working relationship, or the time spent in a particular field, there is something to be learned from everyone.

I’ve benefitted from a great big pile of mentorship in my career. These relationships have taken me from student to SHRM Chapter leader, to blogger at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, and all across the United States and in between. These relationships continue to nudge me towards better things every day.

Relationships like this are what I had the opportunity to talk about on a podcast for my home SHRM Chapter, the San Antonio HR Management Association (SAHRMA) recently.

I’m no HR/OD wizard and I’m no HR/OD magician. I’m the product of people who cared enough to lend a helping hand, and I’m a product of people who continue to do so in a thousand small ways every single day. And they are far more than I could possibly hope to name.

I’d love it if you gave this a listen:



Special thanks to Charmaine Garza, who took the time and made the effort to put this together. She made this process easy and fun, and I learned a lot from the experience! Charmaine is kind, funny, and is doing amazing things for SAHRMA. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with her on this. 


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