Dr.Shirley Davis Sheppard on Why Diversity and Inclusion are Good for Business

In leading organizations, managing diversity is no longer limited to increasing representation of a certain identity group and building equality. Rather, both the definition and the focus have expanded to include not only the workplace, but also the workforce, the marketplace, the community and suppliers. An increasing number of organizations are adopting diversity and inclusion strategies, not only for ethical and legal reasons, but also because it positions them to be more competitive. Among the most important of these benefits are attracting and retaining the best talent, improved corporate image and reputation, increased employee engagement and productivity, greater innovation and enhanced marketing opportunities.



Shirley Davis Sheppard, Ph.D., SPHR; Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion and Workplace Flexibility; Society for Human Resource Management, was one of the featured speakers at SHRM India Annual Conference 2013. Here is an overview of her talk, a Google Hangout interview streamed by India HR Live where Dr. Davis shares key insights into why diversity is good for business, highlights some examples of leading organizations that have realized the benefits of their diversity initiatives, and leaves you with several trends, strategies, and tips that you can implement to contribute to your organization’s business success.

India HR LIVE – a TV channel for HR pros, is a social learning platform, broadcasts LIVE video interview/panel discussion, every Tuesday at 8:00 pm IST/8.30 am CST for about 30 minutes on Google Plus Hangout focusing on various HR aspects to help HR Professionals enhance their knowledge and learn new skills through this platform. Tune in to watch and connect with great HR professionals from India. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow them on Facebook and on Twitter at @IndiaHRLIVE.

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