Here is a short post...but was inspired this afternoon after being disappointed by people stirring the pot.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with two fantastic HR professionals, Joel Peterson and Enrique Antonio, this afternoon. After catching up with our lives and careers, the conversation turned to professional certification, and the recent decision by SHRM to manage it on its own.

I've already posted about my thoughts on this...read What Do We Have to Lose if you're interested.  As a matter of fact, many have already written countless opinions on the subject...feel free to read a few of them here.

But this post isn't about that...it's about drama.

SHRM and HRCI are two organizations - two businesses - that have made and are in the middle of making business decisions.  As "members" or "customers" - we are certainly interested in these decisions.

But here's the deal - we don't have the right to create drama.  We don't have the right to stir the pot when it's in everyone's best interest to let the situation work itself out. SHRM and HRCI will not benefit from us spewing our opinion in a public forum with the sole intent of pontificating.

Folks, we've got work to do!  

Our employers need us to help move their organization forward.

Our employees need us to help them be all they can be.

We all have careers to develop and enhance this week!

Let's get to it!


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