Don’t Yell at the Customer: THE ABC’S OF CUSTOMER SERVICE


A-APPRAISE the customer’s need(s).

B-BEHAVE politely and professionally.

C-CARE about the person and their concern(s). Pretend if you must.

D-DOTE on them. 

E-ENJOY the interaction as much as possible.

F-FAKE it if you must, but FLOW in friendliness.

G-GRIN! Yeah, I said it.

H-HEAR the customer. Humble yourself. Don’t assume you know.

I-INTERPRET their inquiry/observation/concern/praise/comment/etc. for what it’s intended to be.

J-JOKE. But be careful not to go too far #inappropriate

K-KNOW your job! And your coworkers’ roles! The customer sees you all the same.

L-LOOK at the person talking to you! Eye contact is necessary for making a connection in this culture.

M-MAINTAIN a helpful demeanor and vocabulary.

N-NARROW down what the customer is looking for. #efficiency

O-OPTIMIZE your team and your knowledge and experience to OPTIMIZE  your customer’s experience.

P-PRETEND you care! Seriously, if you must, pretend! (see ‘C’) #act

Q-QUESTION if necessary for clarity. Better to clarify than to guess wrong.

R-REPEAT what you think you heard so you can be sure. Again, certainty is better than guessing amiss.

S-SMILE. It helps you sound better and look better. (see ‘G’)

T-TALK to the person talking to you. No awkward pauses.

U-UPGRADE. Always where possible, do something extra for the customer.

V-VERIFY that what you are doing is what they are wanting done.

W-WORK! No matter how nice you are, it’s no good if you don’t do the work.

X-eXPLICATE. A detailed plan of action well communicated goes a long way.

Y-YIELD to your customer. Don’t impose. Don’t over talk. Acquiesce. Concede. YIELD.

Z-ZOOM!  Be fast, efficient, quick, and ZEALOUS.



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