Don’t Miss Your Chance to Meet & Learn From the Extraordinary Steve Browne #SHRM18


Many people are already reviewing the program for  The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition — #SHRM18 and deciding which sessions to attend. Choices may be made by picking presentations within one specific stream, selecting a session with an enticing topic, or attending based upon who will be speaking. There are so many incredible possibilities and it is advisable to carefully review the program and map out a schedule before arriving in Chicago: SHRMProgram

Among the superb array of options are two mega sessions, Cultures ThatRock! and HR on Purpose!! Five Ways to Own, Lead and Integrate HRThroughout Your Organization being facilitated by Steve Browne. This affable HR pro describes himself as just an “ordinary guy” who happens to be extremely passionate about HR. Many know Steve through his work at SHRM, through his writing (Steve is a regular blogger and his recent book is entitled HR on Purpose!!) and through his frequent posts on social media. When people meet Steve they often comment that he is just as he appears on-line – enthusiastic, engaging and sincerely interested in helping others advance themselves and our profession. Steve finds this interesting, as he told me that “being authentic and genuine is at the heart of what we do. So, why would I be any different in-person than I am on-line?”

Within minutes of chatting with Steve I was chuckling and drawn into an engaging, dynamic conversation. This speaks to who Steve is and how he views his sessions. Steve won’t be speaking at you, but instead will be “just talking” and sharing stories, ideas and experiences. The outcome? Prepare to be challenged and enhance your own thinking about your work. Be prepared to laugh and have some fun. Be prepared to cry. Yes, this might happen when you are invited to dig deep and explore what it really means to be an HR professional. As Steve shared, we all need to feel supported and that we belong. We need to be cared for. Steve’s sessions will provide opportunities to explore these critical concepts and get to the heart and core of our work.

Oh, and did I mention that Steve really wants to meet you? I almost fell off my chair when Steve said his goal is “to meet every single person at each conference I attend. Haven’t been able to do this, but it never stops me from trying.” Steve really does want you to say “Hello” and try and connect with him in Chicago.

After talking with Steve I’ve coined the phrase “ConferencingOnPurpose”. While this isn’t grammatically correct, it really reflects who Steve is and what he is all about. Steve may say he is ordinary, but I beg to differ. This is one extraordinary person, HR colleague and friend.


Originally posted on Double M Training & Consulting blog.


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