Does Your EVP Make Employees VIPs?

An employee value proposition (EVP) is part of your organization’s branding strategy. It represents everything of value that you offer your employees. Items such as pay, benefits and career development are common, but employers also highlight offerings that are currently in high demand such as technology, remote work, and flexible scheduling. It positively affects employee retention and improves acceptance rates and recruiting efforts. Your EVP helps employees feel like VIPs and is part of a successful recruitment and retention strategy.

I’m often asked what an organization can do to recruit and retain staff. I say: Think about what makes your company a great place to work. How would you define your company’s culture, values and mission? Give a real impression of what life would be like working with your company. You may even want to ask your employees this same question. Once you’ve identified what distinguishes your workplace from others, it’s a good idea to communicate that to employees and job applicants on a regular basis.

I worked with an organization to help outline what makes their company stand out as an employer of choice. We looked at everything and even asked employees what they liked most about working there. Here are the key elements we came up with for this company’s EVP:

  • Culture fosters a team-focused and collaborative work environment in which suggestions are encouraged.
  • Organizational values include people, community service and customer experience.
  • Commitment to diversity lets the organization regularly share its strategy and progress in creating a more diverse workplace.
  • Mission-driven work inspires employees to be passionate about meaningful work and its impact on their customers.

Now that you have an idea of how EVPs can add to your branding strategy, what is it that you want to be known for? How will your employees know that they are VIPs in a company that values its employees? Once you’ve identified your EVP, you’ll want to share it with applicants and employees, which sends a powerful message that employees are VIPs at your organization.

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