Does Your Company Have An Employment Strategy?

I embolden job seekers on a daily basis to make sure they have a tailored job search strategy. Rather than just go about their job search randomly, I preach the importance of a strategy that is targeted, reviewed and adjusted on a daily basis. Ironically, those on the other side of the hiring line do not always seem to have the same focus.

Employment strategies help a company plan for ongoing or incremental hiring. These strategies establish budgets, time frames and areas of focus which help to keep the company proactive in their hiring decisions rather than reactive. Employment strategies should be focused but flexible enough to change if something is not working. Here are a few considerations when creating an employment strategy.

Current Voids
What openings does your company currently have that need to be filled? Do you have candidates for each position? Where in the hiring stage are you? What follow up needs to occur to close these positions?

Current Workforce
Who in your current workforce may need to be replaced in the next six months to a year? The replacement could be because of performance issues or because they are promoted, either way, you’ll need to fill the void. When do you anticipate this happening and what will you do to fill the gap before it becomes a problem? While this may seem like a very involved succession planning process, for the purposes of an employment strategy it can be as simple as taking a quick snapshot of your workforce and penciling in anticipated openings.

What tried and true tactics have you used that you believe will work for you again? What new tactics would you like to try? Can your current recruiting staff handle the openings or will you need additional support? Can independent contractors or temporary employees fill any of these gaps? Does your current staff need training on any new techniques you are going to try?

What is the budget to accomplish all of these recruiting goals? Should that money be split based on position? Is the budget feasible to accomplish all that you need too? When we think about budget we are not only talking about recruiting budget, but additional headcount budget as well.

It is important to create short-term and long-term recruitment strategy. I suggest a 30-60-90 day plan and then a much longer plan covering 12 months. As mentioned earlier, things can always change, but having something in writing that everyone is on board with will help drive a proactive recruiting environment that successfully finds and retains top talent.

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