Does the Future of Human Resources Include Marketing?

There are some similarities between human resources and marketing. When we think about the 4 P’s of marketing – price, place, promotion, and product – it’s very aligned with the HR functions of compensation/benefits, work environment, talent development, and corporate culture.

So it’s not farfetched to consider a role where human resources and marketing are combined. In fact, I known several HR pros who have had a combination marketing/human resources role in their organization. Wondering what that might look like? One of my friends was incredibly gracious to give me a copy of her job description and performance appraisal. You can download a copy here.

The purpose of the download isn’t to critique the form. Job descriptions and performance appraisals have a connection to corporate culture. I’ve worked for companies that wanted pages of detail and others that wanted very little. The form is a place for creative inspiration. As you’re looking at the form, here’s what you want to ask yourself:

  • Are there HR responsibilities I would add/delete or change?
  • Are there marketing responsibilities I would add/delete or change?
  • I’m in the XX industry. How does that impact the responsibilities?
  • What measurements or metrics should be attached to my performance?
  • What would be reasonable goals for this position?

Whenever I’ve created a brand new job, I needed someplace to start. This form offers a place to work from. Once a starting point was developed, we conducted regular reviews with stakeholders to perfect the information.

My thanks goes out to my colleague who was willing to share. That’s what friends are all about.

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