#NEXTCHAT: Diversity & Inclusion In The 21st Century: What's Next?

Diversity and Inclusion.  We’ve seen it grow and thrive in our organizations. It’s evolved from understanding and embracing differences to leveraging those differences to promote innovation.  A diverse workforce drives the success of our organizations.
But what worked 10 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. The United States is undergoing major demographic changes, and technology and social media are making a global workplace the new reality. 
Is your organization working to ensure that its Diversity and Inclusion programs are ready for the 21st century?  Do your policies and practices promote an inclusive workforce by bringing different minds to the table, and do you really allow all people to contribute to their fullest potential? 
Please join us at 3 p.m. ET on June 20 for #NextChat with special guest Joe Gerstandt (@JoeGerstandt).  We will be chatting about “what’s next” in D & I, and we will want to hear what you are doing to move it forward in your workplaces. 

Q1. Why will diverse and inclusive workplaces have an advantage in the 21st century?
Q2. How are social media and technology impacting Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in the workplace? 
Q3. What factors will hinder a Diversity and Inclusion initiative’s success?
Q4. Can you track a Diversity and Inclusion program’s success? If so, how do you measure it?
Q5. What are the biggest opportunities for moving Diversity and Inclusion forward in the 21st century?

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