Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Part 3 With Dr. Helen Turnbull


Welcome to our special series on Diversity and Inclusion.  It isn’t my area of expertise, but obviously a very important topic in the world of business culture.  I gathered 6 experts to close out 2018 to share their perspectives.  This is part 3.

Dr. Turnbull is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her Ph.D. dissertation research was on stereotype threat, assimilation and internalized oppression across cultures. She is the author of three online psychometric assessment tools on unconscious bias and inclusion. In addition to her Ph.D. she has two Masters degrees, one in organizational behavior and one in mental health counseling.  She has spoken all over the world to companies like Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo.

Diversity and Inclusion Part 1 with Jess Pettitt  

Diversity and Inclusion Part 2 with Corey Kupfer  




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