Dispatches from #SHRM14 Day One: Catch-ups, Keynotes, & Transformations

Well it’s time. The center of the HR Universe has descended upon central Florida to catch up with old friends and colleagues, meet and network with new people, and gain some continuing education credits.

All while it feels like 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity.

I’m excited to participate in the conference as a blogger and here’s my dispatch for day one:

  • There’s an interesting buzz about the floor, and on the faces of the participants. I’ve met folks who have mapped out their entire conference and others who are just “winging-it”. It’s great to see both interacting.
  • I also love seeing people meet for the first time, or catch-up from last year. The conference is like a family reunion, and it is always great to see my friends and peers in person.
  • Insert cliché about how big the expo hall is here ________________. What I find very interesting is not who’s here, but who’s not here.
  • The word of the conference is “Transformation” and I’m sure that you’ll be seeing multiple posts and points-of-view over the next few days.
  • Robin Roberts (the opening keynote) knocked the cover off the ball. She was inspiring, honest, and energetic.

To close out this dispatch, I’d like to focus on a point that Ms. Roberts made during her keynote.  I caught this at the beginning of her speech and while it was drowned out by some of her other points, this one resonated

“Dream Big, Focus on the Fundamentals”

We all have several reasons for being at the conference, many are here for personal growth and development or to find the right product to help track PTO for the office.  But to start on the journey of transformation, we need to take Ms. Roberts’ words to heart

Dream Big, but focus on the fundamentals…

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