Day Two Down at #SHRM17… What’s My Name Again?


Well, I won’t say everyone didn’t warn me against jam-packing my schedule as a newbie to Conference and to the Blogger’s team. For that matter, I even told a room of SHRM Young Professionals to avoid potential pitfalls of overcrowding their schedule and not leaving enough time to enjoy the city, the HR pros around you, and room to breathe. Now that I’ve had time to come up for air, reflect on the second day, and try to remember my own first name, I truly understand the misstep in not heeding my own advice!

In addition to being overwhelmed by all the networking opportunities (howdy to my #secretintrovert pals!), I really did not take into account the sheer volume of information and input coming at attendees from all angles. Whether you’re in a Mega Session or popping into the Smart Stage sessions, opportunities are abound for learning and professional development. As someone who very recently changed jobs prior to attending their very first conference, I took a Hungry Hungry Hippos approach to the all you can eat buffet of knowledge SHRM cooked up this year. The after effect of that educational binge has my mind reeling with strategies, action items and more tweets than you can shake a stick at.

While this huge downloading of information has my brain a little foggy, it’s crystal clear that next year I’ll be spending extra time reflecting on my goals not only for #SHRM18, but also as an HR professional. Having made the leap into the corporate world from a family-owned business, I’ve entered a period of personal reflection in trying to figure out exactly what kind of HR professional and leader I want to be, and most importantly, how to get there. While I don’t know that I was able to crack that code during Day Two, I’m hoping to have at least figured out specifically what questions to ask myself by the end of #SHRM17 that can help shape my road on my adventure to discovering the HR pro I want to be. As echoed in some of Kat Cole’s amazing opening session on Sunday, mistakes are how we learn, right? So, right from the mistake-maker’s mouth, here’s to being vulnerable and rethinking a Day Three strategy!

  • I will get enough sleep the night before
  • I will not book more sessions than humanly possible to attend, both in time and travel distance around that looooong convention center
  • I will not use my lunch to tackle “to do”s and instead enjoy a box lunch with some new friends
  • I will drink more water!
  • I will keep an open mind, heart, and spirit to, in the words of Steve Gilliland, enjoy the ride!

See you all on the other side for Day Three of #SHRM17 !



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