Day Two at the SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference


How do you top a lunch with Sean Spicer and Donna Brazile? You bring Gloria Borger on stage to kick off day two at the SHRM Law and Legislative Conference. 

Elegant, articulate, intelligent and insightful to the inner workings of Washington, D.C., Borger shared an incredible week’s news cycle to provide context for the environment we live in today. Transparent and open to multiple questions from the audience (I even got one in!), Gloria provided an engaging and enlightening open session. And of course, near the end it was announced that Secretary of State Tillerson was being replaced, which added to the Q&A.

The Day included another great lunch-time session with Victoria Lipnic – Acting EEOC Chair and Jonathan Segal, Esq., a long-time friend and speaker for SHRM on pressing legal topics. Today was a frank discussion on sexual harassment and attitudes towards it in the workplace. Again, an audience participation poll was utilized, and Segal pointed out the need for leaders to be active participants in training and modeling behavior in the workplace for any true change to happen.

Several great breakout sessions were had throughout the day. I caught part of Natasha Bowman’s discussion on high achievers and high deceivers, offering practical issues and actions to deal with bad behavior from rock star employees.

I also did my Decisions – Decisions session discussing real life practical responses and actions for when your executive team goes rogue. 



Tomorrow is Advocacy Day with approximately 200 HR advocates visiting their respective congressional offices to discuss relevant HR issues. The boot camp for first timers will be led by SHRM’s Meredith Nethercutt and Lisa Horn. I will be a first timer with this and look forward to visiting my congressman Tom Suozzi’s office along with Senator’s Gillibrand and Schumer. I will be back at the end of the week to give you a peak inside the offices of our legislators.



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