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I’m here at #SHRMTalent in Las Vegas and hanging out at the Smart Stage this afternoon as I’m in the mood for smaller deep dive sessions. SHRM’s Smart Stage is a neat way to gather the goods – 18 minute presentations from Subject Matter Experts who give you just enough to think about.

This afternoon I sat in Jason Lauritsen’s session on work relationships. In this session, Jason challenges the audience to consider the six elements of any good relationship: Communication, Support, Acceptance, Appreciation, Commitment and Time. He, in a very short amount of time, explained how the HR professional can ensure the policies and procedures in which we live and breathe have sufficiently incorporated these elements. Hopefully, they haven’t made it impossible for them to exist. Truth be told, I have loved Jason for years now because his words ignite my deep dark HR soul. But seriously, his message is beautiful in its simplicity: at its core, work is a relationship – act accordingly!

I also sat in Jonathan Segal’s session re: diversity and inclusion. As a lawyer, he can’t help himself. He offered so much about the legal risk of implicit or unconscious bias within our HR systems. Many HR professionals are executing policies and procedures that have been in place for years and often aren’t fully aware of the risks associated with doing things today in the same way we’ve done it for years. I am positive that “ah ha” moments were everywhere and that many HR professionals will be revisiting some of their strategies and protocols. What I liked about this session is that John offered simple solutions to help mitigate the bias that has been thread into systems. I am confident the audience feels confident about what they can do to improve. Good stuff, indeed.

I attended Pamela Harding’s session on harnessing the power of LinkedIn. While she is very soft spoken and her message was a lot quieter than mine (I am a screamer), Pamela is a whiz at LinkedIn, manages quite a few groups on this platform, and her voice is quite valuable on this subject! Audience members learned about groups, and learned about using the search mechanisms to dig out relevant data and members. This may seem simple on its face but anyone who has ever tried to excel at this platform understands its complexity. Pamela offered some great ideas that can really help make it less confusing and complicated.

Joey Price challenged us to be the Beyonce of Social Media with our employer or individual brand in his SmartStage presentation regarding building a brand and creating a social army. I have always loved Joey – he’s a charismatic human. He kicked off his presentation telling us to quit being so darned boring and I wanted to stand up and clap! Goodness, some feeds are robotic regurgitations of information. Egads, my own sites sometimes reverts to this. But Joey pointed out that if we aren’t engaging and adding value online, we will never build digital ambassadors for our organizations. His short session offered a few ideas about choosing the right platform, identifying the right message, and executing that candidly and spontaneously. Good stuff…getting smarter because of The Smart Stage here at #SHRMTalent.

Sharlyn Lauby offered the last Smart Stage presentation I was able to attend this afternoon. Her topic, measuring social recruiting strategy, offered quite a bit of information regarding digital platforms and how to use them well in recruiting. She offered the PESO model…Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned and how we can use this model to measure the results of our digital recruiting strategies. She offered information about ROI and how we can easily calculate or track what type of investments are gaining the best returns. I wish more HR professionals would think about this type of thing…we accidentally waste so much time online just because what we happened to be doing is easy or we enjoy doing that particular social media activity. But the fact is, we may not be getting returns! That being said, Sharlyn offered a few ideas on how we can get creative online, and then how we can track our returns to see if we should continue doing so. AH-HA!

Those are the sessions I attended this afternoon – it was less than a full afternoon! That a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time and it was well worth my time! I’m off to my #braindate now – if you don’t know about brain dates, check them out as they are yet another creative, quick and fun way to learn at #SHRMTalent.

Until next time, cheers!



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