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Recognition, Leadership and Listening

Leadership is a privilege.

People leave your company because they don’t feel appreciated or they don’t like their boss.

Leadership tips to put to work right now.

Focus on mindset. Self awareness is key.  Be aware of the brand of you and how people see you.

  •        Assess the upside and the downside of your strengths.
  •        Ask people how they see you. It’s the only way to know.
  •        Get a coach. Get a mentor.
  •        Be a know how junkie.
  •        Celebrate other people’s ideas more than your own.
  •        Be a coach.
  •        Listen to people.

This guy was the inventor of Crystal Pepsi, which flopped because he didn’t listen to people who tried to tell him it didn’t taste enough like Pepsi.  He tells the story as a cautionary tale of his own failure to listen to good advice as he rushed to meet his goal. It’s just as well, the stuff was gross.

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