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After the #SHRM17 conference, I had a lot of time to think about how I could create change in the workplace. However, I haven’t been in my role for a very long time with my company and I’m not exactly sure how to create change in an environment that is already built.

While attending an “Ask Anything Lunch” Take 10 session at #SHRM17, I asked the pros how to go about creating change in the workplace. Heather Kinzie simply told me to “find out the why”. Being new to a company, I haven’t questioned many things in the organization. I always thought the best thing to do when you’re new, is to find out how they currently handle situations and daily work, and then slowly start expressing opinions.  See, all millennials don’t come in the door thinking we’re the boss, after a while we show you why we should be though.

Change from the HR department usually has a lot of push back, in any organization, but change is also the one constant that your business should be ready to handle. It is important how we communicate the change to our peers, managers, and team members to receive a successful outcome.

#SHRM17 gave me inspiration for multiple situations that I could take back to work and use personally as well, but I’m not sure how to implement the change. One of the changes I want to add to our company is a simple suggestion box in each store location. Creating this small change to the workplace on my own, can show an employer that I’m willing and able to provide solutions and not just present problems. We are a family oriented company, strong in our roots, and stand behind our team members, but I don’t think we take every opportunity to actually listen to what ideas they may have to offer.

I’ve decided to create a PowerPoint presentation of everything learned at #SHRM17 and when presenting it to my boss, the VP of HR, I will have a few suggestions about ways I think we can create a positive change in the workplace.

What change do you want to implement in your company and what solution will you give to implement the change? Give me some ideas in the comment section below.

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