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If you follow me on social media (@ChrisOrozco72), you’ve probably seen my emotional and proud posts describing my son’s new journey as a kindergarten student. While recently attending back-to-school night, his teacher talked with parents about the learning adventure our children are beginning. I could see the passion she has about the impact she will have on her students. This is best summed up by her comment on how she feels about the role and responsibility she has to our children; “best job ever!”


This made me think about our work in the HR field, and how similar our responsibility is to the people we’re serving in organizations across the globe. In my opinion, the true purpose of HR is to improve the quality of life for our people, both inside and outside of the workplace. And there are many ways this responsibility calls for us to be knowledgeable, adaptable, and trustworthy.


People not only go to work each day to earn a living; they do so with their own aspirations, hopes, and dreams. They also come to work with their own unique needs, and the quality of any relationship is dependent upon how receptive we are to each other’s needs, and how we can help fulfill those needs. As HR professionals and business leaders, we have a direct responsibility to listen to our people, to ensure they’re treated with respect and decency, and to value them for the humanity they bring to the workplace. None of our organizations would exist without the collective efforts of every single person that comes to work every day. We must recognize and acknowledge this.


If you remember a teacher that had an impact on you, I’d think they not only improved your performance in the classroom, but also improved your life beyond that classroom to this day. That impact can last a lifetime. I don’t think it’s naïve to believe an HR professional can have that same impact on someone’s life. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve heard stories from others on how it’s happened. I’m sure many of you have these same powerful stories. This is absolutely possible. That’s the lasting impression I know we can all leave with the people we’re serving.


What skills do our people need to aspire to something greater? What benefits are most impactful to not only our people, but to their families as well? Is the culture within our organizations intentionally designed to provide a great career experience? Does every employee feel valued as a person? All of these areas, and so many more, are yours to pursue and to make an impact. They’re your chance to create something extraordinary.


We have so many responsibilities each and every day in our work, and while we may not have the formal title, be confident and proud that you can add the powerful role of teacher to your duties as an HR professional and business leader.


Someone’s life can be better for years to come because of the work you do every day in HR. I’d say that qualifies as the best job ever! #BestJobEver




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