Couples that Quarantine Together, Stay Together



Many of us are “stuck” inside with our significant others. For most of us, we’re probably seeing a whole new side of them as we work from home alongside each other. Personally, there’s no one I’d rather be with 24/7! But, that’s a long time to be around anybody, so here are some tips to come out of these unprecedented times stronger, together.

Set Boundaries & Be Courteous

Things are a little bit different right now -- especially schedules -- and it’s easy to work crazy hours when working from home, so it’s important to agree on a time where you can both turn off the laptops and spend time together.

Both of you might also have conference and video calls you have to take, or times where you need absolutely zero distractions, so it’s good to set expectations at the beginning of each day and agree on where you’ll each set up during certain times.

Similarly, you probably have a somewhat regular schedule for house chores/duties that has gone right out the window, so establishing a quarantine routine (quaroutine?) can be helpful.

Lean on Each Other

I mean this in so many ways! Use each other to bounce ideas around, for gut checks, and to keep your mental and physical health in check. Having a fresh, outside perspective weigh in on your work can produce some great results, and chances are, you each have different strengths the other can learn from. 

Being cooped up inside is hard, so make sure you guys are talking about how you’re feeling each day, and don’t forget about telehealth options for speaking with mental health professionals. If you have some private space outside, away from other people, definitely take breaks to get some fresh air. I also recommend learning something new together to keep your minds challenged: a new dance, photography, cooking, computer programs… there’s a lot on YouTube.  

Exercise Together

Keep each other accountable for getting some exercise. You can take breaks throughout the day or establish a set time every day. Walking to the kitchen doesn’t count! Apparently. I joke, but this is an important one for both your physical and mental well-being.

If you belong to a major gym chain, there’s a good chance they have virtual workout classes and programs either online or on their apps – I’ve seen both free and paid versions out there. But there’s also a TON of free videos on YouTube for this as well, and even on Instagram. Here are a few free ones I have tried that don’t require equipment:

All in all, just as always, communication is key. Make sure you’re talking to each other and not holding things in, being good listeners, and enjoying being stuck with your best friend.


For better or worse, many of you are now telecommuting alongside your spouses and partners. What are your tips for working from home with a significant other? Share your tips on SHRM's #Nextchat Question of the Day post on LinkedIn



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