Convention Week #2: One Week Down, and One Week Closer to Election Day

Convention Week #2: One Week Down, and One Week Closer to Election Day

Well HR friends, the general election season is definitely here. You received very cool on the ground posts from the SHRM/CFGI family last week, giving you the inside scoop on all the activity and content from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And now I bet you have a lot to think about as the events kick off in Philadelphia today for the Democratic National Convention. You hopefully noticed that workplace public policy issues – particularly those highlighted in the SHRM CFGI Principles for a 21st Century Workplace - were repeatedly referenced last week by the GOP, and will undoubtedly be themes of the Democratic Party this week. Thank goodness SHRM continues to be the only HR organization attending these Conventions, and that you can rest assured we are THE thought leader on workplace issues this campaign season.


Yet come Thursday evening, the balloons will fall, the applause will die down, and the candidates on the fall ballot will head back to the campaign trail to stump and share their platforms, working tirelessly to gather votes for November. The glitz, glam and media coverage will ebb, and we will all return to our daily lives – hopefully with some summer vacation and fun built in! And before you know it – BOOM – November will be here.


One thing is certain: This year will be a landmark year for our country, and the HR voice needs to remain part of the local, state and national conversations in the months ahead. SHRM believes so adamantly in the power of the HR voice that SHRM advocacy will continue to be a major Society focus this election year.

Fortunately, SHRM provides the perfect opportunity to have a voice and an impact: the Advocacy Team (A-Team). This amazing network of over 8,300 of your HR peers ensures that HR professionals nationwide are engaged and working closely with elected officials to shape effective workplace public policy. Currently, only four members of the 535 total members of Congress have any experience in Human Resources – and that number could change after Nov. 8. Whichever candidates see victory after votes are cast on Election Day, SHRM, CFGI, the SHRM A-Team and HR professionals from coast to coast are making sure candidates are aware of the “Principles for a 21st Century Workplace” and how legislative and regulatory proposals affect employees and employers in every district across the country.

Regardless of political party or ideology - as we look to welcome a new presidential administration and Congress next year, we at SHRM, and you as HR leaders, need to come together through advocacy. Want to get started today? Over the coming weeks, consider treating candidates like you would a new hire. Provide them with all the information, resources and support possible as they look to serve you and your state – now and into 2017. And know that SHRM is here to offer you support to be an effective advocate for the profession. Visit SHRM’s HR Policy Action Center at and download the SHRM Advocacy mobile app for the resources you need to research your candidates, engage in the months ahead, and serve as a valuable advocate for HR.

Questions about SHRM’s A-Team and advocacy efforts? Contact SHRM’s Meredith Nethercutt at

In the meantime, continue to catch all the action from these critical National Conventions from SHRM and CFGI through Daily blogsHR News articles and Twitter action this week!




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