Advocacy, Human Resources... and Cheese?



So, what event brings together advocacy, engaged human resources professionals, legislators…and deep fried cheese curds? If you guessed Wisconsin’s 2018 Day on the Hill, you would be correct!

For the 4th consecutive year, the Wisconsin State Council of the Society of Human Resource Management (WISHRM) has organized one of the premier human resources legislative and advocacy events in the nation, WISHRM Day on the Hill in Wisconsin’s state capitol city, Madison, Wisconsin.

This year’s event, held on February 21, 2018, was built on the success of previous “Day on the Hill” events and provided nearly 70 human resources professionals from both Wisconsin and surrounding states with timely employment law and legislative updates along with the opportunity for attendees to meet with Wisconsin State Representatives and State Senators to discuss current HR-related legislation currently being deliberated in the Wisconsin State Legislature. For many of our human resources professionals, the event served as their first introduction to “advocacy in action.”

Planning and hosting an event of this nature takes months of advance work and could not be done successfully without the work of a team of dedicated SHRM volunteers committing their time and talents as part of a “Day on the Hill” planning committee. WISHRM has been fortunate to have a hard-working committee led by WISHRM Legislative Director, Elise Rommes, and WISHRM Government Affairs Director, Tony Renning, as well as a number of committee members from local SHRM chapters all across Wisconsin.

Along with in-state resources, WISHRM also relies on the expertise of Meredith Nethercutt, Senior Associate for Member Advocacy at SHRM. In addition to supporting us with best practices from other states and updates from DC, Meredith also works with the offices of our state legislators in scheduling the multitude of meetings that take place during the afternoon visit to the Wisconsin State Capitol for advocacy meetings.

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