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Sometimes you don't know what to do with your career.  Sometimes, you don't know what to do with someone else's.  This week's conversations involve an HR professional who's at a career crossroads and trying to figure it all out, and another who's at the end of his/her rope with a very loud employee who argues about everything.
Advice needed! 
Subject: I don't want to be a Generalist anymore
I never seem to get any of my projects done because my inbox is constantly flooded...
Our HR department is pretty small for a team that caters to all our global offices. I  work on benefits, on-boarding+off-boarding, HRIS administration, drafting letters (bonus, spot bonus, extensions, separation, etc), employment verifications, unemployment claims, compensation,  worker's comp, etc
To be frank, for the amount of work that I do, I'm not being fairly compensated AND I make the least $ out of my team which in itself is discouraging. The organization I work for is very fast paced and we cater heavily to our employees' needs.
I'm due for a promotion soon and my supervisor has hinted that I'll need to close out some of  my projects but honestly, I never have the time because everything is a priority and did I mention we cater to our employee's needs?
We've had a  huge turnover in our HR department and the main reason has been that they were burned out and the demand was too high. Even temps that come on board end up leaving sooner than they should. I myself am feeling overwhelmed and burned out....
I wondering if I should specialize? I've always said I wanted to stay in a 'generalist' role because I'm learning so much and I don't want to choose.
Do you think it would be a mistake to specialize?
Please let me know your thoughts...
#conflicted ​
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Subject: "Clueless" Employee
I have an employee who is trying to Cher Horowitz his performance review from a below minimum to...whatever he thinks he can argue his way up to.  He's a yeller and his performance evaluation a week ago way so loud it was physically uncomfortable in the office (we have false ceilings and a very small office).
He has consistently had bad performance reviews but in the past people have avoided coaching him because he's *that* employee that argues everything.  He makes inappropriate comments sometimes and this has shown up on his last 3 performance reviews.  This year his manager became flustered while conducting his review because the employee was so loud and argumentative he blamed the "inappropriate comments" comment on the review on another manager in the moment.  Not a good situation.  That comment was actually made by multiple managers to be added to his review. (I resolved the issue between the two managers).
I have a meeting with him in 6.5 hours to follow up on his performance review (its a process we have at my current company at which I have only worked for 3 months).
How would you go about preparing yourself for this conversation?  (I have a bottle of wine and a box of tissues at home so I'm good there).
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