Cleveland Concludes, Philly Forthcoming


SHRM and CFGI successfully wrapped up participation in the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week and are now preparing to take on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, PA next week. To say the convention experience is exciting, is certainly an understatement!  

The RNC proved to be an excellent opportunity for SHRM to showcase Principles for a 21st Century Workplace, highlighting innovative, fair and competitive policy solutions. Throughout several partnership events with the Republican Main Street Partnership, a SHRM Member Engagement Event with the Ohio SHRM State Council, and Cleveland SHRM and media events with CNN, SHRM demonstrated the importance of HR’s voice in the public policy arena. 

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the coverage provided by the SHRM and CFGI team through Daily blogs, HR News articles and Twitter action.  As the ONLY HR organization attending the RNC and DNC, SHRM and CFGI are positioned as the go-to resource for workplace policy expertise and have demonstrated HRs integral role in policy creation, as well as the political process.

As we turn our focus to the DNC, the team is eager to demonstrate SHRM’s thought leadership through policy events with strategic partners, Third Way, the Progressive Policy Institute and Women in Government Relations.  More than 150 SHRM members will join SHRM, CFGI, the Pennsylvania SHRM State Council and the Garden State Council SHRM, Inc., for a town hall and policy presentation featuring SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson. Be sure to catch the event live streamed on SHRM’s Facebook page.  

As the balloons and confetti are swept up from these exciting events, rest assured that SHRM and CFGI will continue to provide coverage of the presidential election process, and carry the HR message to state capitols and the halls of Congress. This is an exciting time for HR professionals, as the issues you face every day are dominating the national agenda. Your voice and involvement in the process ensure that the workplace policies that legislators enact are innovative, fair and competitive. Thanks for tuning in! 



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