Checking Out The Competition

I had the opportunity to walk around the Exhibitor Hall yesterday and I tried to practice what I preach...have a purpose and don't just wander.

In previous years, I have always scoffed at vendors who offer "canned" training.  As someone who prides herself on her ability to develop and present "in person" training, I have always looked at these organizations as sub-par, beneath me, and not nearly the value of someone who has the ability to adapt her training, interact with her students, etc.

In any event, I thought it would be interesting to speak with this type of vendor instead of passing them by with my usual disdain.

I can't say I love the idea, and I can't in good conscience suggest you immediately go this route, but I'd like to think I'm open minded enough to see the value in canned training.

Biz Library has got some cool stuff.

I can't deny that.

Biz Library has 6,000 courses to choose from covering over 20 broad topic areas.  Most of their stuff is mobile friendly and, unlike some FANTASTIC trainer like myself can offer, their product serves to be the "just in time" training that many supervisors, managers and HR professionals need.

Biz Library offers short little "leadership snippets" which I akin to many phone calls or quick standup meetings I offer for executive coaching.  Because these "courses" are mobile and oh so quick, perhaps more leaders would be willing to watch them.  (That'd be a good "study" for anyone who wanted to tackle that project.)

Finally, Biz Library is like Netflix for training.  I have to admit that the concept of having a training library at your fingertips...all access, no limits, no late handy.  This quick and easy access has value in your organization, for sure.

Please note, even after meeting the great folks at Biz Library, and even after I recognize there is value in ELearning, I remain unconvinced that it is better than in-person training.  If you have the right trainer - meaning he/she is wise, engaging, quick-thinking, and adaptable - ELearning will never compete.

However, while I am a bit too egotistical, I'm not an idiot.

Many organizations don't have access to great trainers and the fact is, ELearning is good...and far better than nothing at all.

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