Business Problems Have HR Solutions


“Find buttons we can push to make a change overall.” - Ben Eubanks (@beneubanks), Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Whether your business goals (or concerns) are centered around alignment, sales or even revenue, HR most likely has a solution that can help solve the problem. For many business problems, there’s a solution from HR that can fix the root of the problem. All you need to do is integrate HR practices into the business strategy and include them as an integral part of the plan. Let’s take a look at a few of these case studies presented by Ben Eubanks at the Smart Stage this year at SHRM.

Hilton: Improve Revenue

Boosting company earnings is a goal for any company. Some might use new marketing initiatives, but Hilton took a different route. The organization changed the way they trained their employees to improve revenue and it had overwhelmingly successful results. They spent about $2,000 per trainee… and reaped $45,000 market growth per location.

Horizon: Improve Sales

In an effort to increase sales efforts, Horizon improved their onboarding program. By changing the onboarding program, they received 700% more applications, lowered turnover and were able to select candidates in 2 days. The results: 4.5% improvement in overall sales.

Turkcell: Business Alignment

The Turkey based telecommunications company, Turkcell, changed the compensation strategy to better alignment in the organization. They restructured their systems from a 25 KPI list to 5, so employees could focus more completely on the KPIs. With a steeper payout curve, Turkcell was able to see a 6% revenue growth.

Sometimes business concerns are founded in the drive to find the right team, or in the very least, training the right people in the team you already have. By connecting the needs of the organization to the solutions HR can provide, you can solve complex problems with simple HR remedies.



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