Business, Life, and Coffee Podcasts from #SHRMTalent

Hear Joey V. Price’s interviews with Tim Sackett, Steven Rothberg, Jim Knight, Elissa O’Brien, Max Dubroff and Dee Ann Turner from SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition over on the Business, Life, and Coffee Podcast:

Episode #26 – How Baseball Analytics are Changing The Way We Assess Talent | #SHRMTalent @TimSackett #Moneyball

Episode #27 – Metrics Don’t Lie But Is Your Staff Lying About Your Metrics? | #SHRMTalent @StevenRothberg

Episode #28 – If Your Company Culture Doesn’t Rock, Your Best Customers Will Roll | #SHRMTalent @KnightSpeaker #CompanyCulture

Episode #29 – Is Joining A Professional Membership Association Worth The Money? | #SHRMTalent @SHRMElissa

Episode #30 – Post-Incarceration Employment: A Societal, Talent and Legal Imperative for Success | #SHRMTalent @HR_MAXimizer

Episode #31 – It’s My Pleasure: The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture | #SHRMTalent @DeeAnnTurner



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