Building Fences - The Importance of Boundaries in our Personal and Professional Lives


Philip Humbert reminded me of the importance of building fences. Philip sends a weekly newsletter that is waiting for me each and every Sunday morning. The TIPS Title for October 16 was Good Fences Make Us Rich. He has consistently been creating this weekly newsletter and he always makes me think. He continually asks me a more beautiful question as if he was just across the table enjoying a cup of coffee with me. If you wish to be challenged to think differently each and every week.
Here was Phil's opening One Minute TIP from earlier this fall...
"Robert Frost observed that ' good fences make good neighbors' and I would add that good boundaries make us rich, in every sense of the word. Good boundaries are essential to build your business, to create and maintain healthy relationships, and to enjoy the life you truly want. Maintain your boundaries."
-- Philip Humbert 10.16.16
Weeks have gone by, and I cannot forget the visual of fences out of my head. It is by creating boundaries that you can in-fact become richer. This is counter-intuitive. It is the focus to say "no" to the good so you can say "yes" to the great. We must keep our focus and determination.
Philip also cautions that we must "fence out" distractions. There are many opportunities, but these bright shiny objects can get in the way of the important work at hand. And finally, he noted we must be disciplined with our family and friends as we need to practice balance and boundaries in both our work and social lives. We cannot fail our boundaries, we must remember our priorities.
As Human Resource Professionals, how can you build better fences?  How can we challenge others to build fences for themselves as coach and role model for our teams and peers.  I challenge you to think about your example to others as you build boundaries and carve out time for the important.  
We cannot be all things to all people.  We must always remember the importance of self-care.
As we head into the New Year,  please take some important time to map your goals and plan for your successes in 2017?  
P.S.  I stand ready to meet you at The Home Depot if needed!
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