Brother, Can You Share Nine Minutes? A #SHRM19 Interview with James Robbins


James Robbins boasts an interesting proposition, if you devote nine minutes each and every Monday to engagement, you will see almost immediately witness results of these efforts with your team.

James has been a student of the science and the art of engagement. His premise, many managers confide in more aptitude in the task work over the people work; however in this equation, the important variable of engagement is lost.  his is where James’ work becomes magical.

Over his years of study, James has uncovered three complexities within the art and science of engagement:

  1. Managers sometimes fail to take ownership of their leadership. They fail to realize the power of one and do not grasp where they can make an actual impact within their teams. Some managers do not fully internalize that engagement starts with them.
  2. If managers do realize that engagement is part of their role, they struggle with where to start to focus? Or, how do they devise a plan?
  3. Most managers are also working managers. In addition to their team responsibilities, they also serve as a prized individual contributor for the business. 

James will generously share his Nine Engagement Principles or Nine Drivers with practical applications. This simple nine, with some task work attached, will become the foundation for your new engagement strategy. James’ challenge, over nine minutes each and every Monday, you can build engagement activities that will make a difference.

If you are genuinely interested in the topic of engagement, ready to review a plan/blueprint for success and have the spirit to change your perspective on engagement, plans now to join us at James’ session, Nine Minutes on Monday: The Quick and Easy Way to Go from Manager to Leader on Tuesday, June 25 from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

James promises a huge giveaway within this Session at the 2019 SHRM Conference and Exposition.  

Of course, you must be present to win.


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