Informal EU Expert Group on Economic Migration


As an official appointed member of the EU Transparency Register, SHRM participated in the 4th meeting of the European Commission Expert Group on Economic Migration in Brussels on May 23, 2019—raising the voice of the HR profession around the world.

The European Commission uses expert meetings to get input from relevant stakeholders in different policy areas to formulate new policies. The expert meeting had representatives of several employers’...


HR Strategy: How to Work ON Your Department, Not Just IN Your Department


One of the challenges with HR strategy and strategic HR is that it’s often talked about in vague terms, which means it isn’t always easy to understand for some individuals. There’s a great metaphor for this concept in the world of entrepreneurship put forth decades ago in The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Here’s the core of it:

When someone starts a small business (even if it’s a sideline HR consulting business), they do so because they want to do a certain task: writing, painting, consulting, and so on. The problem


Elevating the Debate

One of the great things about working at SHRM is the opportunity to speak with so many HR professionals and business leaders who are making a real difference in their workplaces. One thing I’ve certainly learned is that every one of SHRM’s 300,000-plus members has unique experiences and viewpoints that deserve to be heard.

But the challenge I, and many of us, face today is a change in the atmosphere around public discourse. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a precipitous decrease in the level of civility when people express their opinions and beliefs. This...


#Nextchat: FLSA Jeopardy 2019 -- #SHRM19



“I’ll take FLSA for $1,000, Alex.”

Wouldn’t it be great if Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) issues were only topics on a game show? If you were wrong, the value of the question would merely be deducted from your winnings.  But you’re an employer, and if you get the FLSA wrong, it can be costly and result in a lawsuit.

According to SHRM’s FLSA Overtime Rule Resources page:



Wellness and Self-Care - - Are You Listening?



A number of self-care notes have found me. This is important work to enable us to present our very best self at home and at work.  First, Paul LaLonde shared, The Ten Self-Care tips by Myra Briggs. My lesson within, "No" is a complete sentence. 

Then, a SHRM piece, authored by Dori Meinert in 2017 appeared. It is still relevant today and entitled How to Prevent Employee Burnout

Our own Melanie Peacock was quoted in this work related to Developing and Encourage Friendships:

"Developing meaningful and rich interpersonal relationships among colleagues...


The Responsibility that Comes with Second Chance Hiring



Yesterday, I was power walking down the hallway to meet with a client and I noticed one of my my employees from the corner of my eye sitting in a meeting room staring at the wall with his arms crossed. This particular employee spent 9 years in prison for assault, so when he's upset I like to see what's going on. As much stuff as I had to do, I knew nothing was more important than being a listening ear for my employee. I dropped my purse, sat down my...


Weeding Monet’s Garden



Claude Monet was a French Impressionist painter born in 1840. Readers are probably familiar with his paintings of water lilies. One of the unique attributes of Monet’s work was that he painted the same scene in different lighting – whether it be a different time of day or a different season. I had the great fortune of visiting the Jardins de Monet in the French hamlet of Giverny, about an hour outside Paris. For any fan of Impressionist painting, it’s a pilgrimage worth making.

I spent several hours immersed in the...


We Can Honor Our Fallen Veterans Through Equal Parts Somber Reflection and Celebration



Over the years I’ve often been asked: “What’s the correct way to celebrate Memorial Day, and, is the word celebrate even the right word?  Should we be somber and reflective, or happy and celebratory because of all we have to be thankful for?”  To this I’d emphatically respond with: “Yes”- you should be both, wholeheartedly.      

I’ve lost many friends and fellow veterans through the years.  Some of them gave their lives in battlefields thousands of miles away, and others have lost their lives right here at home.  A few...