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A big topic of discussion that ran through the week of #ASHRM17 was how the New Orleans SHRM 2009 event was in many ways the birth of the social media sphere that exists in SHRM today.  I was part of a terrific informal dinner that took place one night while I was at that conference that built relationships that still flourish today.

Lance Haun, Laurie Ruettimann, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee (I think) gave the first official SHRM National panel for SHRM. It was moderated by China Gorman.  It was a big step for a conservative organization, and according to John Jorgenson many people now claim having been at the panel who were not there.  I was not one of them.  I had already departed New Orleans that morning.

How the times have changed.  Social media tools are now integrally woven throughout the SHRM event.  Twitter is a key metric for the organization.


Total Tweets: 46,255
Total Unique Tweets: 24,470
Total Retweets: 21,785
Total Unique Users: 7,032
Total Reach: 21,018,765

There were more than 40 bloggers tweeting and writing and facebooking.  It’s pretty incredible really.

Twitter and Facebook even provide a way to join the conference remotely via hashtags and the work of some dedicated people like Tamara Rasberry, Jessica Merrell-Miller, Dave Ryan, Andi Devers, Dave Ryan and many others.  Check out #NotAtSHRM.


But – there are still HR people who don’t know how to use social media, and don’t understand how it can augment their relationships during and after the event.

But- there are 20,000 people (give or take) at the event, and you can’t meet them all, even with social media.

But – there is nothing that can replace meeting people face to face.

You should plan on attending #SHRM18 in Chicago, and you should also begin to plan your social media connection strategy now.  It will give you a big head start for 2018. Here’s your SHRM JumpStart.  and don’t forget #Nextchat run each week by Mary Kaylor. 



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