Being Honest About Culture is Important for Effective Recruiting

The title of this post is kind of a no-brainer right? You would think. Yet, companies all over the world put up a smoke and mirrors show through the interview process only for an excited candidate to take the job and find a very different reality.

So here’s my plea. Stop lying about your company culture.

The thing that kills me is that these same companies would bash a candidate who lied on their resume and blacklist them from every being able to apply again, yet lying about the type of work environment the candidate will face is perfectly acceptable.

I get notes, emails, smoke signals from job seekers quite a bit and one common theme is that they job they took is not what they thought. And hardly ever is it the role itself. More like the manager, executive team and overall culture that seem to have done a total 180 since the offer was accepted.

We can do better.

Look if your culture sucks and you are churning and burning through peeople because of it, lying in the interview process isn’t going to change anything. You are still going to churn and burn through people. If the culture sucks and you are trying to fix it, find a way to explain that in a way that won’t scare candidates away. If the culture sucks and you don’t care to do anything about it, be honest about that. It will decrease your applicant pool but you’ll still get some poor chap to take the role….eventually.

As you are thinking about your 2016 recruitment plan (please be thinking about your 2016 recruitment plan), think about ways you can share an honest view of company culture even if it isn’t the best right now. People understand re-building. They understand making adjustments. They understand things being bad and appreciate people making an effort to make them better. They don’t understand companies who talk about open and honest growth oriented cultures only to be yelled at on the first day for trying to ask open and honest questions (true story).

Again, is should be common sense, but…….





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