Background Screening vs. Candidate Experience Cool Tools Podcast with Craig Fisher and Gerry Crispin from #SHRM16

Everyone matters.  Good communication from employers throughout the job application process can help mitigate job applicant concerns.  Job candidates are noisy.  These undeniable truths are covered in an article I wrote for SHRM before the SHRM 2016 annual conference.  
This podcast is a follow-up to that article about how background screening can challenge a job applicant’s experience.  Gerry Crispin and I talk with Richard Seldon and Nick Fishman of Sterling Talent Solutions to discover just what is the right approach to the background screening process to ensure a great experience for job candidates.
We discuss what steps in an application process can be removed to improve candidate experience, alleviating candidate anxiety over background screening, the best communication practices for employers to candidates during the application process and much more.  
Learn all the latest standards for background screening and candidate experience from the world’s largest background screening company as Gerry and I poke and prod.  
Sterling Talent Solutions, Gerry Crispin, and I will all be at the HR Technology Conference October 5-7 in Chicago.  Please drop by Sterling Talent Solutions booth if you have questions.  And come see Gerry and I host a panel about how to generate referrals on Thursday afternoon.
Enjoy the podcast.  It’s a good one.
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