Baby Steps: Making Progress Towards Better Workplaces and a Better World



As a talent acquisition professional, my focus and vision are to find and bring the best and brightest talent to the companies and clients I work for so everyone can reach their goals! In addition to building relationships and networking, sourcing, screening, facilitating introductions and interviews, and managing the recruiting technology, it’s also a focus of mine to consistently work with managers (and educate myself!) on how we look at and interview talent.

How can we get more creative and expand our outlook on the types of people that we consider for our openings, how can we shift our mindset and understand how people with backgrounds that are different to those we’ve hired in the past can be great additions to our team.

How can we get to know people better – their motivations, career goals, strengths, etc and see past the current role they had applied to or that we originally reached out to them for. I also spend time contributing to company D&I initiatives – focusing on flexible work arrangements, mentoring programs, etc. Imagine if we all worked on continuing to expand our talent pools, allow for work flexibility, remote work, mentoring and training programs, etc.

The future generations of workers would not experience as many challenges finding a position and company that fits their values and supports them in the ways they need, financially, career growth, or otherwise.

I also wonder, if we can work together to make progress on bias and inequity in our processes and organizations now, the HR pros of the future can focus more on the employee experience and being present in the business, rather than breaking down old systems/designing new ones to remove outdated practices because it’s already been done!

I know as a profession, we can continue to learn, educate others, and make progress towards better workplaces and a better world.



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