Ask-HR – What is it?


I call it A Standard Knowledge-base for Human Resources; ASK-HR. For those who are new here, I have four+ years of experience (international & US) working with this centralized HR function and I have never looked back.
BUT…what exactly is it?
ASK-HR is a centralized HR service desk for all your HR related needs. Consider it an FAQ system that answers most of your generic questions. ASK-HR’s primary purpose is to bring all employees and their questions to one point of contact – the centralized HR service desk. ASK-HR, in general, looks after:
  • Employment policies
  • Benefits enrollment & changes
  • Vacation & attendance
  • Onboarding & paperwork assistance
  • Organization & hierarchical changes
  • Organization wide announcements
  • Investigations and Performance Improvement plans
  • Questions regarding payroll etc.
  • In a nutshell, it is a premier source of contact for all human resources related queries.
Why should I invest?
With new technologies coming in every day and processes being automated, most of the companies are now focusing on the strategic way of doing business. Since HR is the first one to lead by example, its leadership should now focus on doing business in a more efficient and effective way.
It is better to have a centralized function in place for employees with questions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be outsourced.  You can do it in-house as well by setting up a small team of trained HR generalists that can help employees. Various software is also available (according to your company size). HR leaders can then redirect employees to ASK-HR whenever they receive any generic HR related question, rather than running around trying to get the correct answer.
A lot of companies are now using the ASK-HR system because they realize that to move ahead and outstand competitors, it is essential that HR play a strategic role by focusing on things that matter the most. Giving employees a platform that helps address questions is also a source of internal motivation. It gives peace of mind that HR has their back in time of need.
  • Saves time & energy of HR executives so they can focus on strategic issues
  • One point of contact for all employees at all levels
  • Provide support service to HR executives’ team
  • Prompt reply
  • Great source of organization wide announcements 
  • If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend you start your research today and give it a try. 


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