Are You a Simply Irresistible Employer?

LAS VEGAS —  October 9

Are you a simply irresistible employer? 

That’s the question that Katherine Jones and Stacia Sherman of Bersin by Deloitte asked attendees during their Thursday morning session “Creating a Compelling Employee Experience Through a Unified Talent System” at Human Resource Executive’s 17th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas.  

If you want to know what it’s like to have to deal with the hiring process at your organization, try getting through your own hiring process. It can be a horrible experience. Jones and Sherman stressed the importance of the user experience during the job application process. “Some technology is heinous,” said Jones. “Smart people walk. They will not go through the process.” Millennials are especially impatient with bad processes.

So how do employers create a compelling employee experience?  “What we are seeing today is called the simply irresistible organization,” said JonesThis type of organization focuses on five key areas:

  1. Meaningful work. Does your organization set goals and do you have a vision about how your organization makes a difference? Do your employees understand this vision and do they understand how their work is connected to it? 
  2. Good management. Does your organization make sure managers have the training and capabilities to conduct good discussions with employees? For many organizations, the performance review process is a terrible experience. When employees are told six months later that they weren’t doing well, it’s a little too late.
  3. Flexibility and Inclusion. Research by Bersin revealed that organizations that are inclusive are three times more likely to be agile. Inclusive means that the employee feels that they can bring their whole self to work, be appreciated for it, and be expected to contribute. Inclusion efforts should focus on business results—not compliance—in order to be effective. 
  4. Growth opportunities.
  5. Trust in leadership.

Companies also need to be employee-centric, placing the employee experience at the heart of their business strategy. They should treat their employees as if they were customers of both the management and the processes of the organization.

What are the goals of employee-centric HR technology and processes?

  1. To reinforce the values of the organization through alignment and integration.
  2. To provide access to information that allows managers and employees to make strategic decisions.
  3. To make tactical HR decisions easy and intuitive in order to free up employee time and capacity.

What does it take to create an employee-centric technology approach? Consider the following:

  • Reframe. Treat employees like your organization treats customers.
  • Enable. Provide a work experience via technology that is seamless positive and intuitive.
  • Free. Eliminate unnecessary impediments to productivity and stay out of their way.

In the quest to become a simply irresistible employer, ask yourself this: To what extent is employee-centricity currently considered in your software buying or development decisions, and what would employee centric technology look like in your organization?  



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