April Fools’ News


Now, it’s time for headlines of the latest news:

In "It Will v Never Happen," the NLRB stated that “management rights must be respected and it is not for the NLRB to tell employers how to run their businesses.  We decline the union’s invitation to do so.”

In "Dream On v Silly Rabbit," the California Supreme Court instructed lower courts to scrutinize wrongful discharge claims more closely when resolving a motion to dismiss. More specifically, the court expressed concern that “the cost to employers in defending frivolous claims is diverting limited resources, that could go to their employees, to their lawyers instead.”

The DOL explained in a memorandum entitled "I Wish" that the reason for the delay in issuing new rules on the white collar exemption is that the DOL wants to make sure that the new rules are “based on the realities of the workplace today” and not “statutory provisions that were enacted before there was even TV.”

Finally, in Washington D.C., members of congress received training on team building. However, the training was cancelled when the co-facilitators disappeared at a break. According to an anonymous source, the co-facilitators took an “extended recess” and are on a sabbatical in the Bahamas.  


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