An Interview with "HR Bartender" Sharlyn Lauby #SHRM16

This is the third post I have written about some of the upcoming breakout sessions at the SHRM16 Annual Conference.

Today I am excited to tell you about a session on Manager Onboarding.  The person presenting this session is a good friend of mine (full disclosure here) and her name is Sharlyn Lauby.  If you have ever delved into HR Blogs you might know her as the HRBartender.

Sharlyn is a very prolific blogger, speaker and author. She has had a wide-ranging career in the HR field working in several different industries such as theme parks, airlines and hotels, and is now a training consultant.  Sharlyn has also been a SHRM Chapter President and State Council Director for the behemoth HR Florida, as well as a MAC (Member Advisory Council) representative.  So, Sharlyn has a long list of been there-done that in this HR/SHRM world.

Sharlyn has spoken at the SHRM Annual Conference previously and within the year presented at the SHRM Talent Management Conference in Orlando.  This year, at the SHRM Annual Conference, she is presenting twice, once in a pre-conference session on Saturday and then again on Monday.  It is the Monday session I want to talk about more in depth.

This session is taken in part from a new book Sharlyn has written.  The title of the book is Manager Onboarding and the book launch in taking place at this year’s conference.  It’s kind of a nice package. The book will also be available at the SHRM Store.

Yes, the session is going to be about some of the content in the book -- and only at a very high level -- as she only gets 75 minutes to present.  Sharlyn is going to show the importance of onboarding and the differences between onboarding and training.  I asked her what would be the biggest takeaway from this session and this was her response: “It’s important to set your managers up for success.”  This session will show you how a great onboarding program can help do that.

As we talked more about onboarding, Sharlyn pointed out that perhaps someone might take back only a few things to their work and try to make small changes in a somewhat subtle manner as opposed to trashing everything that you have in place and starting new.  We both agreed this often times works best unless you have been given a directive to start over.

I did get an advance copy of Sharlyn’s book Manager Onboarding and have read it.  Going to her session doesn’t mean you have to buy the book.  I think if you do attend this session, you will want to run out and pick up a copy of Sharlyn’s sage advice, because you, too, will understand, as I do why she has been so successful in the HR arena. 

Happy Onboarding!


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