Aligning Learning and HR: An Interview with Jeff Carpenter of Caveo Learning #SHRM16


One of the many pleasures of being on the Blogging Team for #SHRM16 is the opportunity to talk to interesting people. As I perused the speaker list I came across the topic Aligning Learning and HR to Deliver Maximum Business Impact. Given the emphasis that SHRM puts on the HR competency of Business Acumen I knew that I wanted to interview the speaker to find out what his presentation was all about.

Jeff Carpenter

Let me introduce you to Jeff Carpenter the CEO of Caveo Learning, based in the Chicago area of Schaumberg. He has been in the learning and development space for 23 years. (As an aside he thought this made him sound old. I told him compared to my 35 years he was still pretty young.) He has a degree in Human Resource from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Instructional Design from Roosevelt University. He spent some time consulting and then working for a tech company as the Vice President of Client Services where he dealt with leveraging simulation and voice recognition. During this time he kept his hand in the instructional world as an instructor at Roosevelt University where he provided instruction to Master level students in applying adult learning theory and instructional systems design.

In 2004 he founded Caveo Learning, a company not only doing instructional design, but helping companies understand the importance of making instructional design fit strategically with the overall company goals. Jeff, with his foundation in HR, knew that a program mentality would not be successful. As Caveo’s website says the “help learning leaders deliver tangible business value by partnering to provide integrated strategic consulting and custom learning and performance solutions.” They help align Learning and Development align to business goals by reorganizing the learning organization and establishing the appropriate metrics and measurements for the organization.

His topic

He said in essence his topic is about the overall issue of Learning and Development generally not being able to quantify its impact on the business. He covers:

  • What does it mean to be a strategic business partner
  • What does the core vision mean? What are you going to do and what are you not going to do?
  • How to operationalize the core strategy for Learning and Development
  • How do you run L & D like a business
  • What are the appropriate metrics and measurements for L & D
  • How to receive stakeholders requests for support and how to support the stakeholders goals
  • How to contribute to the business goals and initiatives
  • How to design modules

Big takeaways

I asked Jeff what would be the big “takeaways” someone would get from his session. He told me two.

1. First was the importance of metrics to provide a vision of what L & D and HR do that show true results

2. Secondly, attendees will learn how to be considered a strategic asset.

One of Jeff’s favorite quotes from a customer was “I don’t know what they do but when they are involved the results are phenomenal!” Wouldn’t we all like to have a quote like that about our work?

Jeff does promise that he tries to have a good time in his session.

Since HR and L & D are often in a continual struggle to “validate” themselves I think #SHRM16 attendees will find a great deal of value in this session. I know that I plan on attending. His session -- Aligning Learning, HR to Deliver Maximum Business Impact -- is on Monday, June 20 at 2 p.m.



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