Alexa and Siri are Ready to Work: An Interview with #SHRM19 Speaker Jim Link


As you begin to map your sessions within the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, do not miss Jim Link. By day, Jim serves as the CHRO for Randstad North America. In addition, Jim is passionate about sharing his thought leadership around the future of work within his profession of Human Resources. Jim is masterful at the art of presenting and delivered a fabulous key note session at his home chapter of SHRM Atlanta in March. I was graced to witness Jim first hand and also had the chance to meet him. 

Now, are you ready to take the Jim Link/Re-Think - Challenge? 

Jim has promised to demystify AI as the disruptor of our HR business in this Vegas Session. His topic of the Five Barriers to Break within Human Resources in Atlanta alluded to AI or artificial intelligence. This session in Las Vegas, Why Employers Need to Think of Artificial Intelligence as an Employee, will launch with the statistic that AI will in fact create more jobs than it will eliminate. Automation has enjoyed a rich 100-year history, we now have assistive technologies to augment our processes. We all know Siri and Alexa, and now they are ready to come to work with us!

Jim defines three categories of employees as we move our enterprises forward:

  • the traditional Full-Time employee
  • the agile and project management focused contact worker
  • AI “workers” who can help with the automation and productivity of our offices.

We will still need the traditional employee, however, the growth potential for the agile and AI workforce is over 40 percent of tomorrow’s workforce. We need a mind shift as employers re-think of their AI solutions as employees. This will be the new “A” Team.

The future is now. Join the Link/Re-Think Challenge on Monday June 24 between 3 p.m.– 4 p.m.



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