Agree to Disagree with Laszlo Bock

It’s Day 2 here at #SHRM17 and I just attended the General Session. While I enjoyed Laszlo Block’s presentation and believe he has tremendous talent, he offered something that I just can’t stand behind.

He offered that we shouldn’t let Hiring Managers make hiring decisions.

Think about this message. It got a good laugh and I respect that, but please think about the meaning of those words. And then contemplate this…

  • What have we, as HR Professionals, been trying to do for years and years?
  • What are the things we can do to help, not hinder sound and just workforce decisions?
  • What are the things we can do to enable the perception that we trust others and, likewise, can be trustworthy?

Let me tell you, it’s not stripping our managers of their decision-making authority.

To Laszlo’s credit, I don’t think he believes it’s that simple. But there it was…on a slide for all to see. He was telling us to strip our Managers of their authority to make decisions that directly affect their teams.

Messages like this…the catchy ones, the clever ones…they stick.

Laszlo is influential…he’s intelligent, he’s charming, and he’s engaging. His message, “don’t let them make decisions” stuck.

I beg you, unstick it.

  • Unstick it by providing a good framework for your managers.
  • Unstick it by facilitating discussions about the real things that get in the way.
  • Unstick it by telling truth-to-power.
  • Unstick it by modeling good, sound and just behaviors.
  • Unstick it by mentoring your managers and providing just the right amount of guidance and support.
  • Unstick it by checking back in and seeing how things went.
  • Unstick it by correcting and learning from previous mistakes to ensure you prevent future ones.
  • Unstick it by being accountable and pointing out when your managers are not.
  • Unstick it by empowering your managers and ensuring they are supported.

Thank you for reading…you don’t have to agree but I wanted to put it out there.

There are nearly three days ahead of us and I promise you, you’ll find lots of speakers with whom you agree. Likewise, you’ll find some speakers with whom you’ll disagree.

Both types of speakers are getting you to think, and isn’t that why we are all here?



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