A Small Business Session Guide to #SHRM17


As sometimes does, life has happened to me over the last few weeks and I had to back out of attending SHRM17. Personal and work commitments combined with a pretty brutal travel schedule over the last few months have made it clear that I need to slow down a bit. Unfortunately, SHRM was one of those things that had to take a back seat this year. It was a tough decision, but the right one for me in the is moment.

While I still thought I was going, Christine and I decided to create a session guide focused on small businesses. The SHRM conference boasts so many wonderful sessions and speakers, but many of them offer solutions that may only be available to big business. The ideas and technology presented may be out of budget or not even offered to businesses with less than a certain number of employees.

We didn’t want my not being able to go to prevent us from releasing the guide – so we didn’t.

In this free download, we have laid out our top 10 picks for sessions we think small business HR practitioners should attend. We believe these sessions will be relevant and can apply even to the tiniest of companies. Our guide includes why we like the session and even tells you when and where the session is being held so you can plan accordingly.

Here’s the thing. We certainly don’t want to discriminate, but we know that the majority of our audience is HR leaders or those responsible for HR in organizations with 250 employees or less. That is who we built this guide for. That isn’t to say that if you have more employees you won’t find this useful, just to say we designed it for the smallest of the small.

I was scheduled to speak on the Smart Stage at SHRM and was going to discuss Big HR for Small Business. I’m happy to report that my friend and super smart small business HR leader, Dawn Hrdlica-Burke is going to take the session for me. Same title, same description and probably better content if I’m honest. She gets small business and you won’t be disappointed by learning everything you can from her.

If you are interested in the guide, you can download it here.

Even though I won’t be at SHRM, I will still be following along on the Twitter stream and would love to connect with attendees from afar. I know you will have a great time and I hope to be able to join the team again next year!

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