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SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management puts on the world's largest HR conference each year and this year is no different. The 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM19) in Las Vegas promises to be the gathering place for HR professionals and partners for all things HR. This year, I am looking forward to finding vendors that know what I need them before I know that I need them.

What do I mean by that? Well sometimes an organization is growing and doesn't realize they can't do it alone. Coming from a one state operation type of organization, I find my own company needing to partner with vendors that can take us to the next level. In particular, recruiting and staffing the right people. Although in house recruiters serve as an expert for the organization, they need resources and support too. The largest in the U.S. is Aerotek. They have been a leader in staffing people and finding the right fit for companies all over the nation.

When working with vendors such as Aerotek, HR professionals have quite a few questions because finding the right people is an art. In Hawaii, Aerotek is a leading national firm that have a local office dedicated to finding the right talent with the diverse cultural understanding. To be able to find talent nearly five plus hours and an ocean away is no easy task. Questions below are great ways to vet what makes a vendor a true partner.

What are some of the ways Aerotek stays abreast of current trends in recruiting to source the right people for your clients?

To stay abreast of current trends, it is important to be curious. In addition to research, we listen to our clients and candidates. Twice a year, we solicit a survey to our clients and candidates to measure how well we are meeting their wants and needs. The scores reaffirm whether or not we are performing well and if we are keeping pace with the current market.

In today’s hiring market with a record-low unemployment rate, we recognize that we need to explore a variety of sourcing methods. To compete for scarce talent, our recruiters use technology-based resources as well as more traditional sources, such as networking, local partnerships and events and employee referrals.

Our people-focused approach seeks to understand an individual’s goals, skills and interests to accurately match them with the right company. We ensure that our digital recruiting process takes advantage of the opportunity to meet candidates where they are, whether online, on the phone or in person. The role of technology is to support the employee experience with tools such as mobile applications, texts and email.

Who are the ideal clients that should stop by your booth and look into working with your team in their local area?

With over 250 offices across the country, Aerotek serves every major industry and market and maintains a diverse portfolio of brands. Each of our unique divisions focus on the recruitment and performance of a specialized workforce, and each recruiter and account manager is niche-specific. And our flexible partnership model allows us to be responsive to our customers’ unique needs, from short-term to contract-to-hire or permanent.
In terms of size, how much larger is Aerotek than other national companies?

Aerotek is the largest staffing and recruiting company in the U.S. With our extensive experience, SIA ranked us as the no.1 global provider of engineering staffing; no.1 U.S. provider of clinical and scientific staffing and office and clerical staffing in addition to being named the number three U.S. provider of accounting and finance staffing and industrial staffing.

What are some of the main reasons for Aerotek to be at SHRM? What are you folks hoping to gain?

SHRM’s Annual Conference is an important event that our team looks forward to each year. As an attendee, we are able to walk away with valuable insights about today’s latest trends and challenges and become knowledgeable about new regulations. It is also a great opportunity for us to connect with our clients, prospective clients and partners that are also in attendance.  

Lastly, if HR departments aren’t currently working with Aerotek, what are they truly missing out on?

At Aerotek, our people are everything. Everything we do is grounded in building and nurturing deep relationships that help us place quality people in quality jobs.

We believe the customer experience we create shapes our reputation in the marketplace, differentiates us from our competitors and ultimately positions us to drive exceptional growth both internally and for our external clients. We focus on providing an outstanding experience every day – exceeding expectations, seeking feedback and honoring our promises.

Visit the Aerotek Booth #2814 at #SHRM19!

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