A #SHRM19 Interview with Ameriforce

This is a 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM19) Interview is with AmeriForce Media, a verteran owned media company. Below is a quick Q&A with Julie Miller, the Vice President of Sales.

Who is AmeriForce Media!? Tell us everything, just as you would someone approaching your booth and asking you this question at #SHRM19 in Las Vegas.

AmeriForce Media is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, serving 3,000,000 in the U.S. military community since 1999. It is a multi-media publishing company offering a suite of media products, including our flagship print magazines, Military Families Magazine and The Reserve & National Guard Magazine. Our readership represents every stage of military life from the recruit entering basic training to the current-serving military member enduring operational deployments, and military spouses seeking to achieve employment to the veterans settling into post-service life.

Let us in on the magic. What’s it like to work at AmeriForce? What’s your favorite part about your job?

As vice president of sales, my position allows me to establish and grow relationships with passionate, caring national advertisers who support the military every day as part of their own missions, while working internally with our team to deliver the very best vehicles that deliver impactful messaging. My favorite part of the job is knowing that our military readers are getting quality, engaging editorial content—pertinent to their often stressful lives—while satisfying the needs of the clients who support our operation in serving the market. I also enjoy traveling to events like SHRM, where I get the opportunity to network across various industries and learn from experts in their fields.

What are the biggest challenges companies face when attempting to recruit transitioning veterans? How do they overcome those challenges?

Competition remains the biggest challenge for companies as more than 200,000 service members transition to the civilian sector annually. There are so many companies who have added veterans and military spouses to their mission because of the unique skillsets they bring to the workforce--including leadership ability, loyalty, adaptability and much more. In order to attract the best candidates for open positions, it is vital that companies reach the military audience in a compelling way through various mediums—not necessarily just traditional advertising or online listings, but through testimonial storytelling.

What types of resources do you provide to HR professionals and recruiters?

We offer a suite of targeted opportunities for companies seeking to recruit veterans and/or spouses, including themed “transition” and “employment” magazines; cover and inside story features; unique video sponsorships; lead magnets/digital guides; and moderated Facebook Live and Twitter Chat sessions. Our editorial staff has their finger on the pulse of the military and veteran market every day, and are the experts in helping our clients achieve their goals.

What do you wish more HR professionals and recruiters knew about recruiting veterans?

I think the most important thing is for HR professionals to understand military transition training starts as early as 24 months before a service member’s contract is due to end, and spouses are included in this process. Therefore, recruiters and hiring managers should work to build relationships with prospective candidates early on—when they’re making their plans for a civilian career. Additionally, this time period is one where military families as a whole are inundated with information, so the most impactful way to get on their radar is in a proactive manner rather than reactive.

For anyone who won’t be able to make it to the AmeriForce Media booth in Las Vegas, what do you want them to know?

AmeriForce Media values relationship-building. Our team works one-on-one with clients to assess their needs and see how we can work with them in the most effective way. Whether it is through traditional advertising tools or modern-day digital offerings, our company has an intimate understanding of our audience because we all hold our own affiliation to the military community. Lean on our expertise to develop a comprehensive campaign, utilizing a variety of print and digital platforms, to reach the many transitioning and current veterans, spouses, Reservists, National Guard members and even active duty who are nearing the end of their military chapter. We can be reached via sales by email or by phone at 703-337-8100, ext. 103.


Visit AmeriForce Media Booth #2759 at SHRM19!


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