A #SHRM19 Interview with Access Receivables




This a 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM19) interview is with ACCESS Receivables, a nationally licensed collection agency. Below is a quick Q&A with Pam Long, the Vice President of Sales.

Who is ACCESS Receivables!? Tell us everything, just as you would someone approaching your booth and asking you this question at #SHRM19 in Las Vegas.

ACCESS is a nationally licensed, woman-owned, collection agency working with clients in a host of industries including telecommunications, insurance, general commercial, higher education and healthcare. Our signature HR Recovery Program is the solution for HR and payroll departments to collecting outstanding receivables from employees. These debts can include payroll and/or benefit overpayments, unauthorized corporate credit card transactions, relocation costs, tuition reimbursement, sign-on bonuses and more. 

Our culture is simple - Nice People Collect More™. We utilize evolving communication technologies and strong people skills to maximize returns while creating an agent or debtor relationship that is redefining the industry. Our goal as a collection partner is to preserve the relationship of the client and the debtor while collecting the debt.

Let us in on the magic. What’s the recruiting process like at Access? How do you ensure you’re hiring understanding and kind employees?

We have a rigid hiring process with roughly 5 percent of the resumes received resulting in actual hires. Our steps start with a review of the applicant’s resume for experience and education followed by the requirement to complete both an online test and an online assessment for reliability and critical skills and then two two interviews. 

What are the biggest challenges companies face when collecting debt? How do they overcome those challenges?

The biggest challenges companies face is how to manage their receivables internally when to engage a collection agency. The key to high recoveries is timely placement. We work with our clients in an advisory role to design an internal process of communication with the debtor and then timely placement to ensure our efforts begin sooner rather than later and ensure the best recoveries possible.

What do you wish more HR professionals and recruiters knew about debt collection?

We want them to know that there is a solution and that ACCESS can assist them in designing how they should communicate with their delinquent employees and in collecting on the debts after their efforts have been exhausted. This can be done with a white glove approach that does not cause complaints from the employee.

What makes Access unique among other debt collection companies?

ACCESS understands the keys to success in working accounts is rooted in providing expert collection representatives that have the business expertise and savvy to negotiate effectively with the debtor, explain the balance, resolve disputes and bring about a win-win solution. We spend more time on the phone with the debtor working to resolve the issue. Along with a complete approach to collections that includes intensive skip tracing, seasoned collection representatives, exceptional legal services and a constantly changing innovative approach to business makes for a winning strategy. Our specialty is in our ability to recover delinquent debts while maintaining a positive image for both our client and our company.  We are just as customer centric as our clients. We patiently work with each debtor to help them resolve their debt resulting in our being “the” agency that receives testimonials, not complaints. Not only does our philosophy set us apart but our technologies including educational websites, Virtual Agent and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, enable us to reach a population that historical methods will not achieve. From the very start with the onboarding process, we learn about the client’s needs and work with them beyond the signing of the contract. We will work with them month in and month

For anyone who won’t be able to make it to the Access booth in Las Vegas, what do you want them to know?

For most HR and payroll executives, they don’t realize that there is a solution for the employee receivables. ACCESS is that solution.



Visit the ACCESS Receivables booth #728 at SHRM19!


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